WR 426 Muffler???

I have a FMF powerbomb with a Q series muffler on an 01 WR426. I think the Q series is robbing power, am I corret? What muffler will give me better exhaust flow??

Robbing power over what? Over an uncorked stock muffler or an open YZ muffler, yes you'll notice a difference. I love my "Q", I guess it depends on your taste. A noisy bike doesn't do anyone any good on public lands. Jet it right and I think you'll love your "Q" unless you think noise=power/prestige.


I just put a Q on my bike and I'd say it has at least as much power as the stock, uncorked exhaust if not a little more.

I haven't ridden a WR with a YZ exhaust so I can't compare that one but you'd still need a SA for the woods.

I just picked up a Dr. D pipe the new D shape today I'll tell you how it works when I try it. But from past trials they work great and are about 1/2 the weight.

I've got a YZ426 silencer on my WR with a PMB spark arrestor. The thing flat hauls bananas. I did quite a bit of research about which exhaust to put on my WR before I learned that it's tough to beat the stocker YZ silencer. I found one on Ebay for $50 shipped, but then had to break down and buy the PMB spark arrestor for ~$110 making my total cost around ~$175. From what I've learned though, its tough to beat that cost even with the higher end exhaust systems.

My two cents...... :)

Robbing power over what? Stock? I don't think so. Maybe a slight bit over a full blown race exhaust but not over stock.

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