Loretta Lynn's

Loretta Lynn’s 1987 … Were You There?

If you were or know someone who was, I need your help.

Tony D was videotaping individual riders and giving them the tapes of their races. At the end of each tape were highlights, crashes, etc. of the rest of the event.

In the highlight portion of each tape is the finish of the final 30-Plus Moto where Robby Neeley passed Tony D just before the finish line in the final jump section by keeping it pinned, ala Johnny O’Mara, leading to a spectacular crash.

Tony D gave Robby a copy of this footage, but it has been lost. If you have access to a tape from that event, I would greatly appreciate a copy.

Still pictures can be seen at neeleyracing.com. Go to Photo Galleries, then Gallery 2.

Robby is a 6x Loretta Lynn’s National Champ and local legend. He now owns Neeley Racing, a KTM / Arctic Cat / Bombardier / Sea Doo / Yamaha Watercraft dealership in Spartanburg, SC.

You can e-mail me with any info at jaallendc@bellsouth.net

Thank you in advance for your help.


Come on guys.

As active as this message board is and with as many people talking about the good old days, someone must have been there or know someone who was.

I’m trying to help Robby find a piece of his past.

Robby still hauls. He doesn’t like to jump as much anymore, but he has a strong ground game, and we all know races are won in the corners.

He is mostly riding woods and vintage MX races now, but can still keep current MX hot shots honest even riding a KTM 400 EXC with electric start, enduro skid plate, enduro computer, shortened suspension and soft springs (bottoming on rough straights).

One parent asked Robby not to tell his son how old he was.

Do me a favor and ask around at the track this weekend or ask the announcer to broadcast this request.

Let me know if you find anything.

Thanks again,


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