New Pics of Swingarm Wear Problem

After tearing my bike down, I found this wear on my swingarm like others had warned before on TT ...


My solution was a soft rubber-like material placed under the chainblock...


I hope that if you haven't checked yours out yet, you'll do it. This could become costly if not caught in time. Now get out there and check yours out!

Ride Hard


That looks identical to how my wear looks. Your fix also looks identical to mine! Later,


Originally posted by motoman393:

That looks identical to how my wear looks. Your fix also looks identical to mine! Later,


Just what I was gonna write, except my piece of rubber is a bit thinner (old heavy-duty innertube).

Has anyone looked at a brand new bike's swingarm to see if there any indentions like this? Mine has similar indentions but it looks like it was made like this. It looks like the paint is still there on the indentions.

I agree with JBM

I dont see anything unusual in the pics, Maybe I am missing it, They look Identicle to my 00, no grove no fuse no muss :)

I noticed that the guide on the 02s is different. It's raised a bit off the swing arm. It just has one spot that touches the arm. I wonder if this is Yamaha wizing up to a design flaw. It seems that way to me.

I have an idea, take off the guide and place a thin piece of rubber (maybe a slice of an inner tube) under the guide and re-install. :)

Motoman, we know you thought of it first!! :D

Ride On...


The wear in the pic is about half of what I found on my swing arm. The suggestion Id make would be to glue the rubber spacer into place to avoid the grinding effect. If you dont, youll just be raising up the chain rubber itself but your spacer will do the same thing as the chain rubber was. I went with a TM designs Teflon Chain buffer. It pretty tough, but noisey. Im going to fix that this weekend though.

I just tore apart my 02 426 to put some foam underneath the slider and there are no grooves like your picture shows. The swingarm on my 99 YZ400 had indentical grooves worn into it, and it had the TM Design chain buffer on it. I think regardless of what chain buffer you use, your still gonna need to put something, either thick density foam or an old innertube, underneath the chain slider. I also applied some rubberized adhesive to ensure nothing gets between the foam and the swingarm.


02 YZF426

That's what we did to Blue Thunder's YZ426 to keep it from wearing was place a piece of soft rubber sheeting under the buffer.

Why worry about it! For all those Motocrossers out there who are always looking for cheap ways to lose weight Here's what I would do: Buy some 3M 60 grit sandpaper, glue it to the bottom of your chain slider, and ride your way to less weight! The more you ride the less your bike will weigh! For that extra fat burning process apply more sandpaper to your rear brake line, and well why not replace those pesky needle bearing in your linkage with pencil lead! Complete the package by removing the lower frame cradle from your bike, replacing the suspension with magnets of alike poles, cutting off one side of your swingarm (they do it on sport bikes!), cut off half you're spokes and always remember to fill your gas tank with just enough gas to finish the ride.

For a complete listing of all these great weight loss tips AND MORE, by sure and purchase my Book "Dave Richey's guide to RIDE AWAY THE WEIGHT!" Be sure and tell the operator you are a TT member and we'll also send you a free, that's right FREE, EPA employee straight from the office! They will arrive at your doorstep neatly packaged in an airtight, sturdy, double corrogated box! Shipping costs and quality of contents vary with season, due to the high mortality rate of EPA employees.

Keep the rubber side down!

dave richey -burn 22-

how did you attach this thin piece of rubber to the swingarm so that the chain slider would not rub it off

Its actually pinched between the chain slider and swingarm. It is held in position well and won't come out without loosening the screws that hold the slider in place.


I have to say that I used an old FLY thick tube and jb weld was used to fasten it to the inside of the slider. worked great......UNTIL.........

Last race......2wks ago.

Somehow it got loose and pulled the whole top of the chain slider thru the counter shaft! :D

It sucked it thru the countershaft between the chain and sprocket, bending the Schmidt out of my gaurd and pretty much destroyed the backlash protector! In just the split second that it took to run it in between the sprocket and chain, it pushed the chain far enuf forward to rub a spot in the case! :)

It did not have a hole but more like a small crack! It would leak oil while running with case pressure but very slight. I cleaned it up and drained the oil. Let it lay on the right side for 4days and cleaned it again. I then used some epoxy given to me by my friend.(2/3pint catalyst...$89.50....2/3pint epoxy.......$89.50)Kinda like JB Weld but much more expensive and MO' BETTA'!!!! (he used it to fix a cracked seam in his aluminumuminium boat 8yrs ago and it still does not leak or recrack!)

So now that I am done rambling........

I would have to say ....shy away from the inner tube idea even tho it seemed great way to save 30bucks at the time , but nearly cost me $1500!in engine dmg!

I think the foam may be a better way to go. Maybe some sort of neopreme???!

I now have a TM kit (rollers/block/slider) and would have to agree that it sounds like my 82' xr250 just before the chain shot thru the case, or maybe like my buddy's old 72'vega just before that rod went thru the firewall!!!!

I did put some plumbers caulk under the slider and I think that probably help a lot! :D

Carefull with the tube/slider idea! :D

Oh yeah I almost forgot.

Everyone should not only check for wear on the chain side of the swingarm but on the other side too!

When I took off my swing arm to grease it this yr , I noticed the rear brake line is laying on the top of the swingarm and just from laying there it is rubbing a groove in it!!! :D

I took a piece of my wife's sticky velcro (the fuzzy side) and stuck it ot the swingarm fuzzy sid up just under the line. I only used a peice about 1 inch long and put it over the wear mark.


Everyone that has a yamaha should check this b4 it wears a hole in the arm!!! :)

Originally posted by BigJoe:

how did you attach this thin piece of rubber to the swingarm so that the chain slider would not rub it off

Clear silicone

i changed the old chain slider and glued a piece of tube between the slider n the arm. u need to check the chain and the chain tension often and use loctite on the slider screws...

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