Hey, BK, did you get my e-mail?

Well if you didnt get it I have a few questions for you that I will post here, and hope for answers.

"I know that you do not run a TPS or neutral switch on Tims bike. I can see where the benefit comes from not running the neutral switch and disconnecting the light blue wire that goes into the harness. I also see where there would be an advantage to remove the TPS and to connect the two wires together needed to run at the more aggressive timing curve regardless of the throttle position. Now onto my question. There are 3 wires coming out of the TPS, which ones do you connect together to "fool" the CDI into using the more aggressive timing curve. Or another possibility; a 2D ignition.

I have been looking at the pics on Timmy's site and was wanting to know what something is. Beside the tip of the break pedal there is a small piece of CF that is attached to the frame using 2 screws. What is that? Is it a brake lever saver?

Do you run the standard 114 links in the rear chain or are you able to, using different chain adjuster blocks of course, able to add a few extra links? If so, How many extra do you add?

Why do you use a plastic front rotor guard instead of a CF one?

I know there are a few things that are unobtainable by a mere mortal like myself, but damn they are cool. The crankcase venting system, titanium alloy rear shock spring,CF and Ti everything, piggyback rear break rezzy, factory mechanic to work on it for me.

I wish I had the resources available to make a bike like Timmy's, that thing is just bad ass.

Please answer my questions BK, I wont tell a soul. (I say with a sad puppydog look on my face)"

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