High Capacity Fuel Tanks for WR450 - Stock fuel range?

Who's running a high-capacity tank on their WR450?

Any issues? Fuel Petcock problems? Heat/Melting?

Also, how many miles can you get out of a stock WR450 tank running @ HS/GNCC race speeds? I need someone else's to gauge mine against.

Thanks in advance for any info! :)

I am very interested in your question. I picked up a 2004 WR450 yesterday. I have started making a list of everything I need to do to the bike before our first ride (usually around April 15th.). The 03-04 have a 2.4 gallon tank vs. 3.2 gal. tank on the WR426. Acerbis makes a 3.4 gal. tank for our bikes. I have a 3.1 gallon natural IMS tank on my 1997 WR250. It had a range of about 90 miles. I like being able to see the fuel level without removing the cap. The WR 250 IMS tank was not trouble free. The left side tank mount is the lower radiator tab. This tab has broken off the radiator twice. Last year, I put shims (water pipe insulation) between the tank and frame to take the load off the radiator tab. So far that has worked. PS- The first time I had a radiator shop weld the tab back on. The second time I had an aircraft repair facility weld the tab.

I raced a Hare & Hound out here in California about a month ago. It had quite a lot of high speed sand wash type stuff and I ran out of fuel at about 45 miles. I hit reserve and made it to the finish which was at 48 miles. On tighter single track type trail rides I've gone close to 60 without hitting reserve. Based on the terrain or type of riding your mileage will vary quite a bit.

3.4 Gallon Acerbis blue tank will give you about a 90 - 100 mile range depending on your jetting and terrain.

is the 3.4 {12.8L}the biggest one out there? i need a bigger one. :)

There is a 7 gallon one that is huge. I think it is made in Australia for the WR450 desert/ Dakar type racing. I saw a pic of it about a year ago. Try a search and see if you can find it. It is a monster! :) Here is the link you can see pics of these huge tanks!:


i don't think i could live with a headlight mount like that but i could live with the tank for the range when needed.


any one know how big this tank is or where it can be bought from?


the only place I've seen that has the 35ltr fuel tanks is ballards here in Aus. www.ballards.cc But only in their paper catalog.

Check out this link. It appears that Yamaha spare parts division and Ballards teamed up to make these bikes. 6 Gallon version is going to offered worldwide according to the web site. I think if you contact Ballards in Australia it may be your best starting point. :)


is there any tank the is between 3.4 gal and 6 gal? that is a mighty big gap in size.

Nothing in between. The 3.4 gallon Acerbis works for most rides. If you really need more the 6 gallon tank is a safer bet anyway. I know I would rather have a gallon left in the tank when I come back from a 200 mile run then worry about running out of fuel. Dont forget you may get lost and have to back track a little. :)

Nothing in between.


I would rather have a gallon left in the tank when I come back from a 200 mile run then worry about running out of fuel. Dont forget you may get lost and have to back track a little. :D

been there. nothing more sad then having to rob gas out of an XR200 to feed a monster. :D :D :D:usa: all the power in the world wont do f-ck all if you dont have any gas in your tank........at that point, an XR is WAY faster :usa:

is there any tank the is between 3.4 gal and 6 gal? that is a mighty big gap in size.

IMS or Acerbis used to make a 4 gallon model but I don't know if they still offer it though.

Yes they do. IMS has a 4 gallon but not for the 450's it is for the 426's and 400's. I dont know if anyone has tried to see if they can jam it on or not. :)

the ims tank has had some issues. it uses two petcocks and some interesting fuel line routing. there is a tank in the yamaha gytr catalog. it's been reported in this forum that it's the acerbis but sold through the gytr line.

expect the stock tank to give you about fifty miles, plus or minus depending on your right wrist.

50miles is is only 80km i could do 100km on the drz. i guess i need a bigger tank sooner then i thought.

Thanks for all the info . . . !

I know this is an old subject, but I am running the Mystery 250 in June. It is 125 miles one way with a fuel stop at the 1/2 way point. Has anyone done this with a stock 2.6 tank on a 04 WR450? I do not want to buy a larger tank, but I will carry extra fuel if necessary. If I need extra fuel, how much? I have gone 63 miles before in a multiple terrain type ride. I was on reserve for last 20 miles and had a little left in the tank.

You dont have a chance. You need all of 3.4 gallons to make that! And there better not be a lot of hillclimbs or it is going to need more. Riding hard on hilly up down terrain I get 25 mpg. Riding hard in more single track flatter terrain I get 30 mpg. I just dont see how you can get 125 mile on 3.4 gallon tank that is 37 mpg and you could only get that riding fire roads with no hard braking and directional changes, just throttle and flat conditions. So my answer is carry 1.5 gallons somehow and you might make it then. 2 extra Gallons will do it for sure. :)

I sorry. You must have misunderstood me. It is a two day event. 125 miles each day with a fuel stop somewhere in the 60-70 mile point. I am thinking only extra 32 ounces to make it to this point. :)

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