Anyone using the GYT-R exhaust?

The stock exhaust system on my `00 WR without the baffle is pretty loud, But it does run good. I can pick up a GYR-R aluminum stainless steel muffler and header pipe for a good price so I’m hoping to hear that’s it’s the quietest pipe ever made yet gives loads of power(I'm know I'm dreaming). Any info on this exhaust system would be appreciated.

Thanks, Ward


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Ward, I think you'll be happy with the pipe, I have no experience with that pipe but I think that the Yamaha line is of good quality. I saw one on Ebay for sale cheap, I say go for it. my .02 Dan

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I have a GYT-R aluminum slip on on my Raptor, very good quality, but it is loud. As loud, in my opinion as my WB e series. Makes good power though. I know this isn't apples to apples, but close.


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I have seen it a few times at races it is loud. It seems to be as loud as the stock yz pipe that I run.

Great, you all agree then, it’s a quiet pipe that gives power. That’s just what I wanted to hear. I was afraid it might be too loud to get it even at a good price. :) I do appreciate the info. Thanks guys.

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