Chaparral Strikes Again

On an earlier post about Hype"hole"sports in Co, I went thru the same mess.

To make a long story short here is what I did.

They lied 2 or 4 times about backorder stuff and basically never shipped my order. Then 2 or 3 months later they called me to tell me my order was complete adn ready to ship. They told me it would be on the way that day(3m onths later!) I told them to look at the order date and the guy nearly fell to the floor when he saw it! He asked me if I still wanted it and I said yes but they would have to ship it COD because my wife had the CC. (you can see where this is going!!!!)

When UPS 2 days later I just simply refused it.


Didn't cost me a dime to screw them back just a little! :)

But they still wasted my time and effort so I fealt REALLY guilty! <font color=red><h2>NOT</h2> :D

Ive got a reverse bad service deal. in Nevada. I ordered the TM designs chain slider. They sent the chain guide. I called them and the said "well instead of shipping that back, how about we just send you the right part for say...20 bucks shipping included?" Hot damn, shippit. I got it two days later. Chain slider and guide 89 bucks. Quite the deal.

Call those guys at Parts direct. They have always done my right. I just wish I had bought the Tech8's they had on sale for $265.oo when they had'em.

ive had great luck with mxsouth

Yeah goparts is a good bunch of guys. They operate out of a little business suite here in vegas. The entire bunch of them are young and ride. I stopped by there but they didn't have a 755. I finally ended up getting one from my shop for $57 so I can't complain.

I tried mxsouth and they said they had one but when I ordered I had a voicemail saying they didn't have any. A least they called and left a message.

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