Roots and rocks would kill that thing. Also it seems to take up alot of ground clearance, I can't imagine the plowing that it would do on huge triples and tabletops! Looks like too much possibility for leaking seals, broken springs etc. WR Dave. :)


That looks like it will get bashed up in off road applications. :)

Casing a jump would frickin' wreck the shock, you, the jump...probably all 3.

The advantages though would be lower center of gravity, more centralized mass, by far superior intake tract for carb, better airbox, easier to perform maintenance.

Bad thing is broken bones w/ a revolving acct at your local suspension shop.

I bet the same things were said when Yamaha introduced the monoshock in 75 (74??)! Remember, the next single shock bike was Kawasaki and their Uni-Track in '80. And that was a total POS. Those Kwackers were breaking their frames left and right. Honda and Suzuki went single shock in 81.

Still though, progress cannot be made without taking steps AWAY from the given path! :D

Whatever happened to that weirdo shock thingy Team Yamaha of Japan was working on in...92/93/94?? I think it was like a leaf spring w/ a small damper unit... :) I remember Bradshaw was still w/ Yamaha & tried it I THINK (but NOT in the States)



Back in the early 90s they were toying to torsion bars for the rear suspension in MX bikes. That seems way more feasible than that frame dragger.

simon@vic: Thanks for the assist on posting the pic! :)

I beleive the Britten V twin road bike had a similar rear shock setup.


It kinda looks like the shock set up that I saw pictures of in Cycle News., except it was in an ad for flat tracker frames.


I think it was like a leaf spring w/ a small damper unit... :) )

I was just thumbing through old issues of DirtBike and came across that. It seemed like the best idea. the spring is flat, so it doesn't waste ground clearance like a coil, plus the preload was easy to adjust cause you just slid the spring back or forward. I wish they had figured that setup out. Just think how easy changing spring rates would have been? :D

More airbox room too. Even if the shock still went in the same space.

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