$90.00 seems steep for a kickstart lever

Any one out there know of a resonably price aftermarket kickstarter for a xr600 :):D

90 bucks isnt all that bad, i have seen kick start levers for other brands go for $150! Xr650r kickstart levers go for just over a hundred bucks from Honda. Kickstarters for large bikes, beleive it or not, generally cost about half of what a new electric starter costs. Thats been my experience over the years of doing repairs. Its crazy as hell, but its true. Try Service Honda, they might be able to save ya some cash.

how about 118 for the rear brake lever.

Yeah I just spent 95 for the rear brake pedal on my 650...it's nuts man.

Crazy prices. The stuff below is from a 1989 Honda NX650 Dominator (Euro market bike?). I was planning to use it to fit a kicker to my XR650L. The price from Honda?

£686 (about $1350 US)!!! :):D I ripped these parts from a bike I bought, and the WHIOLE THING didn;t cost me that much! Just the kick lever is about $200, the side casing nearly $400!


big pic here

Yeah I just spent 95 for the rear brake pedal on my 650...it's nuts man.

I smashed the end of mine (and my foot) last year. I only broke the end part that you step on. It's just riveted onto the lever. A friend made me a new one from stainless that I bolted on. I wish they just sold the end so I wouldn't have had to bother him.

Ive broke the kick starter on my KX500 3 times at 79 dollars a wack. So 90 isn't that far off. Just accept it, it comes with the territory.

I've got a used kickstart lever I'll sell you for $50 + shipping. Email tntmo@cox.net

Same with my cr500, busted kicker cost me $89.............

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