yz cam

Does the yz cam actually give u more hp?What exactly does the cam swap do?Is the cam swap a perfect fit into my wr450? is it worth it?


Its an easy direct swap. Nothing else needed except maybe some different shims. I would say It makes 5-8 hp. more than the wr cam, but you lose some of the lowend power. I like it much better than the stock cam. With the wr flywheel I think its perfect.

I didnt notice any low end loss, more like gains throughout the entire powerband. The JamesNow mod made up for anything that was even close to being lost and then some. The throttle response down low is almost too much, one little twitch of the wrist and the front wheel comes up. I can see where the tight technical rocky sections could get tricky, you have to have a steady throttle hand.

My Brother in law has a bone stock wr450 so I do a mod to mine then ride the stock bike and back on to mine. It helps when you get used to the power and thinking "this isnt very fast" and jump on the stock bike and say "maybe it is".

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