How much more tiring is the YZ426F

I'm thinking about getting either a 426F or 250F, but I'm not sure which one. I haven't ridden in about five years, but I have been working out a good bit lately (light weight training and running 2 to 5 miles a day). I have heard that the YZ426 doesn't tire you out as much as a 2-stroke, but is there a big difference between how much the 426 will tire me out opposed to the 250F? When I stopped riding I was clearing everything on the track, my concern is that the 250F will not be powerful enough to clear every thing (I weight 170). Thanks for the help. -dxs

I have been out of the seq for 10 years, picked up my 00 426 and was soon back to beating older guys then me :)

Compared to what I rode 10 years ago, this bike drives itself

I am in not the best shape, (Gettig there)

but I can not believ how well the bike handles and how lite it feels. I jump almost 375 foot, to bad it wasa clif but in the air the bike feels very stable.

Im 45 :D

The 250F is more than powerful enough to clear and or do anything you need. At 195 I ride a 125 on occation and have no problems with getting over most any obstacle whether trails or track. I ride a 426 for motocross and get less tired on it than I did on my YZ 250 2 stroke. Even tho the 426 has a punch when the throttle is snapped it is not as radical as my 250 was. I find that I stay in front of the bike better on the 426 and get less tired.

Do yourself a favor dont tell yourself that you are as fast and can handle a bike like you did 5 years ago. Last year a made the mistake of buying an 01 CR250, now back in 95 I had an RM250 but I was only 24. Anyway I rode the bike and actually enjoyed it that was until I bought a CR125 which I figured would be just for fun. Well I never rode my CR250 again, I sold it to one of my buddies. The CR125 is a lot easier to hang on to and has more than enough power to clear anything. This year I upgraded to an 02 and sold my 01 to buy a 250F. The 250F has the low end grunt of a 250 but revs out like a 125. It is a true cheater bike. I love my bikes and actually am faster on the 125 and 250F than I was when I used to race long long time ago.

Enjoy whichever bike you choose either bike will be a blast....

YO 98YZ you were like me, I owned a 250 2 Stroke but I was just along for the ride. Man I always felt like I was hanging on behind the sucker instead of over the bars. It is a bad feeling that I definately do not miss :)

Haha heard that Hootna.

98yz I went from a 88' CR500 to the 426. I thought the thing had an autopilot! So freakin easy to ride wasnt really funny. My buddy just started back riding after 25 year layoff. He was a fast intermediate 125 rider. He loves my 426. Freakin guy brings it back outa gas. If your thinking 250f you'll be happy with that too Im sure. Plenty of power, I seem to remember 37 horse out of the 250F. Thats what a decent 250 made 15 years ago.


Don't worry about the 250F not being fast enough, it'll clear anything you put in from of it. On a track I'm faster on my 250F than I am on my 426, I'm 185 and I just flat out LOVE the 250F, SOOOO much the 426 will be going up for sale and a WR-250F will be replacing it, one for the track & one for the woods, life couldn't get any better than that. :)

Thanks guys !!! Great Feedback. Glad I found this site. I'm hooked. I leave it up all day at work and have it on all day a night as well. -dsoll13

I currently own both a '01 250F, and a 426F. I owned the 426 first, because I'm a horsepower freak! Then I got the 250F. Damn!!! Now I understand what they mean about handling! I am much faster on the 250F, and for much longer too. Actually, my 426 just sits in the corner collecting dust, and getting jealous. But for some reason, I can't bring myself to sell it. You see, I always prayed to the horsepower gods, and I'm having a hard time converting over to my new religion, but every time I ride the 250F, I just keep getting faster, and the 426 just keeps gathering dust. And, I weigh 196lbs!!! Handling rocks!!!!!!

I own a 00 426 and have a fair amount of saddletime on a 250f. I weigh 205 and my next bike will probably be a 250f as it will clear all things that the 426 does and I can ride my 43 year old ass about twice as long in the saddle without getting tired. 250f feels like a mountain bike. I ride almost exclusively motocross. IMHO if your just getting back into this, get a 250F.

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