Gentlemen; Cut Your Holes!

...Unless you live in wet soggy muddy areas. Went back out to Da Wells last weekend with my new and improved side cover. Went with the Team Honda style triangle holes. Whipped out the dremmel and pop rivit gun and went to it. Fun Project. Wish I had done this sooner. Does make a difference. My Edelbrock is taking it's merry time in getting here but Mrs. Barnum assurred me that I should have it by next week. Seems that there has been a run on Quick Silver Carbs just recently! :) Can't wait! :D


Thats a great mod. I dont know why every pig in the south west doesnt have it...cost is minimal, and it lets her Snort!

Add that edelbrock-and she gonna Snort and Lurch, Snort and Lurch, Snort and Lurch all over the dez!

Dont forget that cam.....Pig Nervana.


Dont forget that cam.....Pig Nervana.

How do you like your Barnum's cam? Is it like a Stage 1 or 2 or a blend of both? Do you need to throw new springs in as well?

Pig Nirvana... :D...Smells Like "Pig" Spirit! :)

LOVE the cam--its a hi revver-maybe a bit beyond the Stage 2-but i also like the Stage One. You can go with the stock springs--but if you are up there and want to give her a valve job-check out the kibblewhite Ti and SS valves...

Rob can tell ya about them.

If ya have over 10K miles new chain tensioner slider plastic and chain would be worth considering. Not that much more in cost.

The cam is really a great addition--even if ya just leave the rest of the motor alone. No reliability issues with the stage one.

Stage two with heavier springs will wear the rockers down after a season or so...

Anyway if ya like the edelbrock and opened up side cover, the cam will complete the package!

irondude, so you're not utilizing a decompressor anymore, correct? is the bike as hard to kick now as with the stock cam and not using the compression lever? thanks, jeff

No- its still on need to take it off.

But my cam was so 'long' that i had to drill some clearance spaces into the top of the OEM piston...not as bad as it sounds.

The stage one cams do not need that...

The aftermarket Ross pistons come pre-cleared for the ultra big cams for our bike...

okay, i was under the impression that the aftermarket cams did not have provisions for the decompressor. i've been thinking about a stage 1 hotcam as i already have a tm40 and a moriwaki exhaust. are you using a hotcam or another brand? thanks again, jeff

I've used several--right now i have a Barnumspro stage two.

If you put in the HRC or hotcam or whatever stage one, then its a clean fit everywhere without any issues other than your pig will periodically snort, lift its leg, and piss on the odd pumpkin...

...your pig will periodically snort, lift its leg, and piss on the odd pumpkin...

:):D :D

Yo Rokatt,

I drilled my side cover out tonight in 2 spots with the 2 inch hole saw. I put in the vent louvres and it looks magnifico - high tech aerospace style. Too late to fire it up tonight but it is getting ready for the weekend. Where in the Hades is my Edelbrock pumper now? I have run out of 650 projects. I bet your holding it back to maintain that competitive edge since I got wise to your sprocket trick! :D:)

Yep! I'm holding it hostage! HA!

I'll check with Barnum's and see what the 411 is.

I can't wait to see your Art Deco Intake Ports! :)

Bet it does look cool. :D

When we headin' out this weekend pardner? :D

I am going to cut some holes. Is there any design info out there anywhere where I can trace the design on my filter cover? I aint no artist. I would really appreciate the help.


Here you go...



Sweet! Thanks for the link :)

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