wr 400 exhaust

have 1998 wr 400 have the stock exhaust with the silncer uncorked. Does this hurt the motor any? am i hurting anything?stock jetting i ran it in 30 degrees the headpipe had a red glow..to lean?

so many variables on the jetting issues. you need to post what your jets are now, eleveation you ride at and normal temps.

As far as having the plug out it doesn't hurt and the pipe glowing red is normal when idling for extended periods and it is more noticable in low light conditions.

Back to the jetting. check your plug black =rich white = lean tan =good

do you notice any bog? how bout popping on the decel. these can indicate rich or lean conditions. Someone that lives close to your area will/can give you some recommendations on the jetting.

i have a bog on accel. and backfire on decel. jetting is stock nothing doen to the carb as far as accelarator pump or trottle stop. i just wanted to make sure the pipe getting red wouldnt hurt anything. its been cold up here in the 20's and i just bought the bike so wanted to make sure.

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