Handlebars for WR450?

My buddy and I have a pair of new WR450s. Last weekend during a period of extreme stupidity, :) (What the heck was he thinking!?), My friend let his wife ride his bike. Plop, twisted bars.

I have read that the stock bars are junk, and having seen how easy they bend, I thought I had better get some good handlebars.

I see that there are dozens of brands and bends available. Can anyone recommend a good bar that will bolt on with no fuss, and what about bends? Is there a standard all around model, or is it pretty much personal preference.

Pro Tapers are awesome! Get the bend you want and they hold up incredibly well. I cant believe what it would take to bend them. I got the rubber mounted units with Triple clamp. I am very pleased. :)

Thanks Indy. I'll check out the Pro-Tapers.

I also want the thank you for your advice a while back on jetting. The blue needle #4 was too rich, I switched to red #5 with a 48 pilot and my bike runs great. The blue in the #3 groove also works well. :)


and i know the kill is on the RH side!!!

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