new yam 450



damn,,,,ill try again



ok how do i post a pic of the new 450?

Let me try it:



..... waitting for comments from EgoAHole.... :)

It looks like the pre-production YZ400f back in 97'? Where did you take/get these pics? Later.


yeah i agree with motoman, the front plate is old-style so is the front fender and swing-arm pivot is wrong..hummmm taco's rock right moto??

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[ April 11, 2002: Message edited by: RIDEPATE ]

yeah motoman it is :)

Man how nieve can you all be, I have the real pics and I posted them a few posts back :D

I told you all I new a guy who had friend who dated a girl that used to be a hoooker near the Yamah-corp in LA.

Well One thing leads to another and WHAAAMMMO

I get pictures of the latest o3 yamaha

How cool can that :D

OK OK so the real story is I new a guy who had a friend after dating this girl she bacame a hooker :)

Pluss I saw something real suspicious so I look harder and here is the detailed PC


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That muffler looks real similar to the Thunder Alley pipe (the way how the inlet pipe tapers, megaphone)

I noticed the pipe too, first thing really. So is that really the pre-pro 400? or what? I doubt the whole 1989 thing really, but some other things in that photo make me wonder ie. front fender/number plate are old style 97-99, also the low speed exhaust valve in the pipe. That was on Henry's pre-pro too.

That kicker looks like its off a YZ 250. I would also say that is the YZ400M. The clutch cover looks like its magnesium just like the pre-production bike. Does that tiny rear brake remind anyone of the 1997 YZ 250's? The 98 was larger. They just didnt put it on the YZF because it hit the silencer.

You shouldnt tease us like that LOL (the only thing I dont like is the dual head pipe)

Yes Taco's do rock I cant wait til I sell our Mustang so I can get one LOL. Later,


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