looking to purchase

im looking into newer wr's and i want to know how the 450 is and how it differs from the 250, and other tech questions of that sort

Been riding my new 04wr450 since Nov.03 and have not had any break downs nor problems with it. Though it was quiet a dog from the dealer. Once the FREE mod were done the bike is alot faster. As far as the wr250 can't answer that none of my friends owns one.

The 250 feels lighter even though it is about the same weight. The 250 can climb hills with the 450 since it has a lower first gear and you can be up in the powerband on the 250. Just dont get a 250 if you weigh 250. :D The 250 bike revs quickly and you ride it more like a 2 stroke always reving it. The 450 is a lugging monster. In real world riding there is no speed difference. Both bike are very fast and any rider can ride them competitively. The 450 will flat out where you out quicker when pushing hard. The 250 seems to have the perfect power to traction ratio to make it easy to ride fast. If you are under 200lbs with gear get a 250. If you are big the 450 is a no brainer. :)

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