Big Eyelet on my E pipe

I just picked up my White Bros pipe at the post office and noticed that there is a big wide eyelet on top of the aluminum can. The WR 400 mounting instructions say "install stock rubber grommet into mounting bracket on silencer." My stock pipe has a skinny flat metal flange that bolts to the frame. Are the US pipes set up differently? I haven't gone down to line it up on the bike yet, but it looks like I'm gonna need a longer bolt, rubber and collar. Anybody run into this?

yes you need the yz mounting hardware, longer bolt, collar and the rubber.


:D Is the collar, rubber and bolt what you mean by the YZ mounting hardware or is it collar, rubber and bolt + the YZ mounting hardware? :D I can't wait another 4 weeks to get something shipped. :usa: Can someone post a pic so I can fabricate something close? Thanks. :):D :D

If your E-Series pipe is anything like mine, you should have two aluminium "half circles" (with a hole drilled thru for a bolt) that fits in the big eyelet on top of the can. The flat sides of the "half circles face the frame mounting point on one side and the bolt/washer on the other side. Sounds like you are missing some hardware.

These pipes are made to fit directly onto the yz so all you need is the yz hardware. When I bought my pipe I didnt know that either so i just rigged somthing up until my parts came in.

Thanks guys, I just ordered the YZ mounts and will tie the pipe on 'till they get here. :):D :D

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