Right foot shift

I have a friend that lost his left foot in a street bike accident, he still wants to ride and needs someone to fabricate a right foot shift on a 03 XR650. He lives in Sacramento California. If anyone knows of someone who does this kind of work or has handicap controls for motorcycles, please let me know. Thanks...

If you go a right foot shift, then maybe using an auto clutch (z_start or whoever) and moving the rear brakes to the clutch lever would be a good plan. Another alternative might be to

use another throttle assembly on the LHS (a push-pull type) to do the gear shifting. An auto clutch might be an asset here as well, to reduce the complication factor. I suspect that once you decide on a decent plan, then you will be able to choose a reputable fabricator and not be limited to working with those who typically do control conversions on cars etc,

since I'm guessing that this type of conversion isn't too common.

Good Luck.

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