anybody fix their cracked tank

I was just wondering if anybody has fixed their cracked yz tank if so what did you use to fix it and how has it held up. Thanks

my friend used JB cracked again, then he used JB weld and some duct tape, didnt work. i doubt it can be repaired SAFELY and securely

I took mine to a plastic welder. Looked in the yellow pages under Plastics-Fabricating and after a few calls found a place that would do it. No guarantee but for $35 they did a super job and it held up fine.

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There is a new product that has been out a couple of years that dealers should be able get. I think it is called Plastex. You mix a resin and powder together apply it to the affected area. It is really slick and works way better than plastic welding. It also has many other uses depending on your creativity. It is strong,durable and easy to use. :)

Lucky for me, I have a plastic welder at work. I welded my tank and it has held up fine for the past year. I know several yzf/wrf owners that have had problems with their tanks cracking. What is up with that? I made the mistake of buying another gas tank, the first time around. It lasted about 3 months (same as the first). They are both welded, and they both are holding up. Just a hint if you have it welded. Make sure that you have a good tack. This is actually what is going to seal the leak. When you start to lay the rod in, make sure that you weld in the opposite direction of the crack (eg: If the crack is vertical, weld horizontally). Normally, you would weld directly inline with the crack. I tried this a couple of times, and it kept cracking. By welding opposite the crack, It acts like a shoelace, holding the tack together.

Good luck,


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