trick way to oil your air filter

when i have changed fork oil i used a sprayer as u guys recommended and it was fantastic. but whay waste the extra oil?

u can put engine oil/fork oil in a sprayer bottle and spray it on your filter - not only when u change fork oil....

its much cleaner and works better then the pj1 oil filter bottle that i used till last week


I just use Uni air filter cleaner (spray), then Uni air filter oil (spray).... very easy... very easy... no mess no nothing...


Gal, that fork oil is gonna run right outa your filter. Good luck with that but I think your playig with fire there buddy. I hope where you ride isnt too sandy :)

i just use filter skins that i pre oil and keep in ziploc bag.that way i dont have to deal with the mess of oiling filter or greasing lip.

Im a filterskin guy also. keep 6 oiled up in a ziplock bag in my toolbox. keep another ziplock for the dirty ones. that way you are only cleaning things every so often.

whats a filter skin

A filter skin is like a thin bag that wraps around your air filter and catches most of the dirt before it gets to your filter. It's supposed to make maintenance easier by you not having to clean the air filter as often.

Question for you guys with the skins: Do you ride where it's sandy/dusty? If so, do the skins clog up quickly and cause a performance problem? It's usually sandy where I ride and I end up cleaning the filter after every ride. I'm wondering if a skin will help me, but I will pass if it will clog up before the day is over in sandy conditions.

We ride in a sand pit this time of year. Everywhere else is mud in my area. I have no troubles with the filter skins. I recommend them to the guys I ride with.

One more vote for PC Racing's filterskins (mainly because I can't stand cleaning the filter). :)

i didnt mean to use fork oil , but when i did the forks and saw that ican spray the oil, it made me think that i can do it with the engine oil for my oil filter.

btw where do u get those filterskins?

Everyone should read the air filter oil article in the new MXA.

Uhhhh, yeah I've used the filter skins before and I am NOT a fan. From my personal experience, during a dusty summer race, I clogged two filter skins. I was expecting this and simply yanked the string when I felt the power DIE! I'm guessing about 10 miles later I felt the power die again, so I yanked the second cord (I colored mine red and yellow in order to quickly be able to tell). I was suprised to feel the motor lose power a third time, though! I kept yankin' the cords harder and harder to make sure they had unseated and out of the way, but still kept losing power.

What actually happens is the engine pulls in so much air that it SUCKS those dirty, clogged, filter skins right back on to the air filter. This was my own personal experience, and in my opinion you really should clean the filter every oil change during the winter (every two rides for me) and you should clean it before EVERY ride during the summer. If you find that you are still sucking in too much dust and dirt make sure that the back of your airbox is TIGHT and sealed. I'm talking about the section that your rear fender rests up against (the removable "plate" so to speak).

Keep the rubber side down!

dave richey -burn 22-

P.S. These things will run forevor if you change the oil and clean the air filter. 'nough said!

one more thing -

i grease/oil the gas tank and the rear fender near the air box area, stops lots of dirt/sand on the way to the air box.

i grease my footpegs so my feet wont stick to them (they are never on the pegs anyway)lol

I grease my handlebar grips, that way I can't hang on too tight and thus, get less arm pump.

GAL, I can only imagine what your bike must look like after a ride. The dirt that collects on the greasy spots on it wouldnt have gone to the motor or the air filter. I say this laughing out loud and with 99% certainty. Do yourself a huge favor and stop greasing your scooter like a pig at the country fair! Now go wash your motorcycle.


"Greasing your scotter like a pig" I am laughing too hard ......please stopppppppppppp! :):D

HEY RICH, I might try that,you think if i grease my cross-bar pad my teeth wouldnt stick to it????gal might look like.....whats his name..on charley brown....pigpen!! thats it ,a little cloud of dust following his bike around........too funny my guts bustin,,,,,lol

I like to grease my jersey and pants so when I crash I don't stick in the ground, just slide for awhile.

I hear that greasing the seat cures monkey butt. :)

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