Suzuki LTZ50 Generator Problem


Hi. I've been having a problem with my 2015 LTZ50 not running properly. It runs but will sputter and sometimes stall, especially if you ride it at a low rev for an extended time and then accelerate. Then it just stalls.



I have checked many things over time and I am suspecting the generator coil is faulty. I have done multimeter voltage and resistance tests as per the manual and to me it looks like it's faulty but I am not an expert so can't say for sure if the generator is at fault.


What I want to ask is would the bike still run if the generator coil was faulty?

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Yes, I had a utility quad have a stator got out once. First, check your battery, make sure it's got enough water in it. Then check your stator and make sure it's up to factory spec. Just follow the instructions and you'll be good. Electrical stuff is very picky when it comes to specifications, if you have just a little too much resistance or just a little less voltage than what the manual says, there is a problem. If you think it's not good, replace it.

When I test the generator with my multimeter as the manual says, it should read 20V but I am getting no reading at all. Can this be possible if the engine can still run or am I doing something wrong?           


Also, all resistance testing for the generator as per the manual registers nothing.


I am not very experienced with this type of work so maybe I'm not doing something correctly and I don't want to spend $300 for a new generator coil if it's not my problem. That's why I want to know if the generator is registering nothing at all is it possible for the engine to still run, just not properly?      

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If your getting nothing, that means your battery is running the bike and is not being charged, which means it's going to die on you. Now, I know this may sound dumb, but is your bike running when you test the voltage? I've seen people test for voltage with the bike off, that's why I ask. Make sure your are testing the positive wire with the red wire on your meter and like wise with ground to the black wire. If it's showing nothing, it could be a blown fuse. Check your fuse box to be sure. I'd have the bike running and just disconnect the leads from the battery, without touching them together or to anything else. If it turns off, you've got a stator/generator issue. Also you can check voltage by hooking your multimeter to the battery while the bike is running and the battery is connected to the bike. It should show more than 12 volts I believe. Should be around 20 volts actually.

Also make sure your set to volts on your meter and not to megavolts or something.

Hi, thanks for your response. Fuse is ok. I am running the engine when testing for voltage. At the battery it tests about 14.3V when the engine is running and that is what it should be. The engine does not turn off when I disconnect the battery either. But, when I test the generator on the indicated connector lead and earth as per the manual, it should read 20 volts or more and I'm getting nothing.

You may have a short or disconnected/severed wire somewhere. That may be why it's not reading anything. Your battery is charging, so it seems like your stator/magneto is working. Now the symptoms don't sound like an electrical issue to me. I think it may be your carb or something. If it rides at low RPMs and bogs when you give it gas and stalls, sounds like flooding or something.

When you say stator/ magneto are you talking about the generator or something else?


I've been over the carby very well, changing jets and things. I don't think the problem is that. I think the bike has a weak spark.

Yes, the stator is what charges your battery. I'm thinking it could be also that your timing is off. That could cause these conditions as well.

I was thinking that as well but the manual doesn't mention anything about timing or adjustment so I'm guessing it is fixed.

All engines have some sort of timing and adjustment for it as well. I'm not sure about your quad, but I know on my bikes the timing is adjusted by trading off the cover on the left hand side and adjusting the stator.

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