XR600 Fork Springs Length

I've done a lot of research on fork springs and I guess I've confused the XR650 fork springs from the XR600 fork springs.

I've ordered the Eibach fork springs and it turns out I have to use a spacer (pvc pipe cut to fit :)) to make the springs fit for my XR6. Is there a fork spring out there that will fit my '94 XR600 without a spacer.

I'm not too worried about using a spacer, I was just thinking that Eibach made a fork spring that would drop in and replace the stock spring.

Anyone found a fork spring that matches the stock? I would appreciate any info on this.


The XR600R and XR650L kits are the same part number - I have the same kit.

I believe it's standard practice to use a spacer (the PVC pipe) to preload the spring. I am fitting mine in a day or two.


The instructions tell you how to set the oil level, etc.

HTH :)

Drop me an email if you want me to forward the instructions / take pics of me fitting them in the next few days.


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