2 ?'s

I have two questions to pick your brain with:

First-does anyone have experience/opinions with Excel hubs like how they hold up or any problems compared to a Talon hub.

Second-Whats the best chain block to use...I've been replacing with stock but is there something that will hold up just as well and is cheaper.



i have talon hubs on my bike and im very happy with them.i check out excel hubs before i bought my talons .the excels looked pretty good and seemed to be well made.but i really dont like idea of a bolt on carrier.thats supposed to be there big selling point.that way when you sell bike and buy different bike you can switch carrier and use rims on new bike.heres the problem whos going to buy your old bike without rims and what are you supposed to do with $200 carrier from old bike that you cant use anymore.the other problem is you always here about how rear sprockets and disc brakes are coming loose and causing major damage so why would you want to add another bolt on piece to your wheel.

TM design works makes a chain block thats supposed to hold up better than anything.

I have gold excel rims, gold excel hubs, new spokes and new 756's. I was a little nervous about the bolt on carriers, but have not had any trouble yet. If you buy them make sure you torque them to the exact specs and adjust your chain with the 3 finger rule.

As for having a bike with no rims when you sell them, I still have my original rims, with original tires. All I did was remove the sprocket and rotors. When I sell the bike I will put the original rims back on. One more thing, you will spend about 300 bucks when you have to buy new carriers for you new bike.

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