Pipe to buy?

Hey guys,

I'm a low-end lugger, did anyone out there install an aftermarket pape to aid in low end?

Thanks in advance!


I am a low end lugger. I bought the FMF power core 4 pipe with the Supercross version powerbomb header. I love it way better low to mid power. I also went up 2 teeth on the rear sprocket. I love it. I mostly ride MX tracks that are really tight. I lve the FMF Combo

I also run the FMF PowerCore 4 (older round core design) and I love it! In addition to the FMF pipe, I dropped two teeth on the front sprocket for tough climbs. Since I don't race the small loss of top speed wasn't a big deal. Set up like this, my bike rips. I still run the stock header, I've been thinking about buying a PowerBomb but don't want my bike to get any quieter! Hope this helps.

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