Beginner level scrubbing

I've seen a local A woods rider beat up pretty good on decent MX (A and B) guys in a 3 hour hare scramble. The dude never jumped, and over half the course was mx. He never slowed down in the corners on the track, never scrubbed, then really stomped them in the woods. It was enlightning and impressive to watch.

Like Demi said, I think it looks cool, but I'm more interested in the things that lower lap times, corners.

Good luck, and remember, risk VS reward.

corner for dough - the battle cry of those who can't scrub - barf...


You're better off learning on a small double or table. A little more speed and time to correct will be easier and safer.

"beginner level" and "scrubbing" don't go well together.

Scrub: lean left, turn left

Whip: lean left, turn right


In post # 4 of this thread, I reference two time spots; what would you say Herlings is doing off those singles?




Seems to me for a whip, you got to be committed and and go big. -

"it is important to start things slow and on a single or something small; eventually "

"need to practice this and start small"



I see what you're saying now that I have watched that Herlings video. I would say in both of the two referenced time spots Jeffrey is more on the side of absorbing the jumps than scrubbing them. Both of those jumps are right out of corner and he doesn't have enough speed (leading to enough air time) that would be needed to lay the bike full flat while sliding it off the jump and straighten it again before landing. Although at 1:03 he does slide the front off the jump he has to start straightening the bike right away.


I guess it's a matter of semantics: at what point do you start calling a jump a scrub? Is it when you lean the bike in a bit and turn in a bit? Or a lot? Or only when leaning full flat and sliding off the jump it becomes a proper scrub? That's why I found your post confusing. While you can certainly work on the first step the second step will be hard and the third step will be very very risky.

You can scrubb with out washing the front end off the lip

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