Baja Designs Kick Stand

I just ordered a kick stand from Baja Designs, It is a bolt on model using wr parts and some custom parts to install it (bolt on) in the wr loacation. They said it is much stronger than those bolt on swingarm types. Anyone ever use one of these.

They said that it will ship out today. It wasn't cheep but what the hell its only money right. And besides its for my bike, she's worth it.

It looks like the same thing I bought from 2Dads. It's a solid kick stand. I think it was a bit cheaper through BD, so you did good.

I bought one to get my bike through inspection. I had planned on taking it right off after I got my tags, but it has been on for about a year now and I have had no problems.

Sweet. Thanks guys. I cant wait to get it and get it on. Got to do trail maintanace next weekend. its a lot easier not having to lean my bike up against a tree.

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