Need help buying carb for Yamaha blaster

Ok so I looking to buy a new carb for my blaster. Just a basic carb as my blaster doesn't have any mods done. It does not have the tors. I've seen some mikuni carbs on eBay for around 70 but idk if they'd work for my blaster since it doesn't have the tors. Any help would be appreciated.

Also not looking to spend a lot of money on a carb either

Now I don't know the size for sure, but I believe stock it's around 28-30ish right? You should try just buying a new carb and have it set up to match your stock one. A lot of companies will do that for you and get the carb in the ballpark. You can get a nice round slide Mikuni for around 120-150. Or, if your like me and can't jet a carb for $hit, try a jetless type carb. I've heard Lectron is really good nowadays and they will custom tailor a carb to your specific specs, but it'll cost you a pretty penny. Lots of options.

Alright well I ended up buying a carb of eBay. It fit my model and I installed along with a new plug. But I still can't seem to get it started. It's an 01 all stock. Any ideas?

It was sitting for a little awhile before I installed the new carb. Last time it was ridden prob was October novemberish??? Could it be top end?

If your carb is dirty, I'd clean it. Otherwise check the usual, air fuel, spark, etc. If you've got really low compression it may not start.

It's a brand new carb and it has spark. New spark plug also.

Whats your compression?

I don't have a compression tester. Any other way I could tell?

Not really. Your going to have to borrow one from somebody or buy one.

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