Looking to hear from some MOAB riders

So my brother, dad, and myself are planning a road trip to Moab, UT to ride this summer. Coming from Ga. I am hoping that some of you guys have some Moab experience. Where should we ride/go specifically? Any MUST DO's? Good places to stay? Bike set-up tips? We are planning on coming thru Denver and Grand Junction Colorado as well so we are hoping to find some cool spots on the way. Open to all suggestions. Help us make this the trip of a lifetime!!

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I have had three 2-week vacations in Moab area, but I was mountain biking.  I am also interested in a dirt bike vacation out there since the last 5 year have been phasing out all mtb activity in exchance for dirt bikes..  I know I will hit Slick Rock and Bartlett Wash because it is a huge playground of rock with tons of traction and as dangerous as you want to make it.  Of all the single track area's I used to mtn bike, I am not sure what is allowed on dirt bikes.

Had a ton of fun at Fruita Bookcliffs trails like Zipity-Do-Da, but never once saw a motorcycle out there.  I hope you get some good feedback on this thread.

Bring a lot of water.  Even if it doesn't seem that hot, there is basically 0% shade and you get extreme sun exposure.  Run your tires at 20-30 psi or risk a flat.  Be prepared to repair several flats in your group.  Five out of six in my group got one or more flats.  The sixth guy was running inserts.  Plan on less mileage.  Progress is very slow in most (not all) places.  Poison Spider Mesa is very cool if you like picking you way through rocks and the view is awesome but the pace is slow and the riding is physical.  The Sovereign area is good for bikes.  Plan the trip so you're not there during a Jeep event.  Spend money in town and tip.  That's how the town survives.


There are too many trails to mention.  Do some research and get a good map.

labyrinth rims designated route map


Copy and paste above into google.


It has everything you could ask for. Sand dunes, slick rock, single track. Could easily spend 2-3 days there. Bring lots of water as this place is not close to any amenities. Green River 25 miles away and Moab 50. Be safe and have fun

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Plan on buying new tires when you are done.  That Moab slickrock is brutal on tire wear, you will essentially be riding on sand paper.


And this belongs in Rocky Mountains, moderators.

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A few of us from Western Washington are planning a trip down there in late March-early April depending on weather.

Depends on equipment and ability. There's everything from super gnarly to easy stuff like the 100 mile White Rim trail, which btw is a must do IMO for a leisurely family ride day.

Ride Grand Junction behind the airport off 27-1/4 road, your welcome!

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