Breaking rear spokes? Is this common?

I've broken 3 rear spokes on my newer 650r. I've only got 1000 miles on it. I'm an advanced beginner trail rider.

My old 600r never broke a spoke after 2500 miles.

Is this common or something to be concerned with?

Do you regularly tighten them? Also, have you whacked anything lately?

After my first one broke, I had the tire guy I go to replace the broken spoke and he went over all the rest. I always make sure the spokes are snug before I ride.

I don't recall hitting anything harder then usual.

Sounds like you just got a poorly tensioned wheel from the factory.

Get someone you trust to go over them both (or do it yourself - hit the spokes with a wrench and all in the front should sound about the same. The rear will have two different notes for drive & non drive side).

HTH :)

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