Question / Concern on Valve Adjust

I am checking the valve on me 00 and was a looking at the alignment of the two divits called out in the manual to be aligned to the base of the valve cover bottom.

The Divits on mine, at tdc ar off / up slightly on the ex side, and down slightly on the in.

I mean by slightly even but like just under 1/8 inch.

Question Normal or should they be flat even with the base of the valve base ?

[ April 11, 2002: Message edited by: EgoAhole ]

If you are talking about the 2 notchs on the cam sprockets and the notch visible through the 2 plugs on the left side. Then yes mine are not perfectly lined up but very close (maybe 1/8 or less off)!

:) Then I would assume two things, either the bikes are settup with retarded ingnition (Per the Explain of the Manual)

or the manual is wrong.

The manual clearly show (Even Clymer) that the Notch is at TDC and the to Divits on the Came are perfect and flat with the case.

One of those Hummmmmm Questions. I have moved it one tooth and it perfectly alligns now, Not sure if I am going to keep it, until I get a better and clearer feeling on that.

Thanks Garret :D

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