Clarke gas tank problem

Hello I have a 97 xr600r and I recently purchased a 5 gallon tank from first off the petcock did not fit in the hole the tank was drilled to 7/16 the stock honda tank is 1/2in I contacted clarke and they told me to drill it so i did it not leaking but when I put it on my bike the petcock is resting on the cylinder fins has anyone ran into this problem thank you also I the tank had another few issues I wasn't happy about I will elaborate if someone wishes


Just stuff a shop rag under that side.

Lol right

Did you use the OEM rear rubber mount from the stock tank?  That will raise you up about 3/4".

Yep I even tried to add some extra material to raise the rear of the tank but the front of the tank is already touching the oil stick so it can't pivot


So I guess I can chop it up to false advertisement because it definitely does not fit with the stock petcock I gess and even if I grind it it will still be right next to the Head I live in Arizona 110 + weather it's not going to cause any vapor lock issues

Lol right

Well, thats exactly what I did. But for the fcr fitment thing.

With a 4.7 and an fcr41

I have a 4.0 on one with an fcr39 and for some reason didnt need the rag stuffing

LOL I thought you were joking about the rag and it's just frustrating because I usually do things on the cheap and buy used stuff the one new thing I buy that everyone raved about that it fits so well I'm having so many problems with also sorry if I'm being ignorant but I don't understand your abbreviations


Definitely not joking. It put it out by millimeters but the pressure made it definitely slightly interfere with throttle opening and fully interfere with snappy throttle return.

Take a pic of your petcock, ewwww! ;) nah I wanna see if its stock basically. I never had the necessity to drill a Clarke nor have I heard that. You said the tank fits, so its for that bike. The rag seems like a solid move to me. At least to solve your problem short term. But that rags been in there hundreds of miles, been hit by two cars, done another couple hundred miles after that. The rags the ballers way...

Oh and theres no abbreviations. An FCR is a carb thats not stock. You will soon find out about it.

41 and 39 are diameters. You said you had a 5 gallon right? So 5.0. Mines are 4.7 gallons and 4.0 gallons

Just bend the tank a bit. Heatgun it maybe pull just pull a little. Not hard, you only need a few mms

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at the base of the filter next to oring the plastic gets bigger and was too big for the clarke but easily fit the stocker i didn't take a pick of the petcock lol but it was oe

update, clarke has basically said they don't make mistakes and i need to deal with the people i purchased it from and i have contacted 3 times talked to 3 different people wich all said they woud call back i will call agin today...

on a plus side i found a xr400 tank on craigslist so i can ride till this is figured out just will have to make a couple extra gas stops lol

Boy, that's a bit discouraging to hear. Stuff happens, but the people that make it should take more interested in solving the problem regardless of whom you bought the tank from. That's just good business IMHO.

Yup,,i agree,,who freekin cares which retailer you bought the tank from,,it`s new and Clarke needs to dig their head out of their :moon:


Customer satisfaction after the sale still means something,,and Clarke is failing here badly...




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made some ghetto spacers to move it back and a [shop rag]!452.jpg453.jpg456.jpg457.jpg459.jpg to lift the rear now the petcock and forks clear i think its off a 94 xr400 lol i was desperate doesn't look good but at least i can ride till i get my new tank figured out 

Great job!

Go ride!

Have fun!

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