What can i fit in my truck bed?

Ok guys, I'm probably downsizing from an 8 ft bed to a 6.5 ft and want to know if it's possible to fit 2 dirtbikes and a honda foreman 450 quad? I'm willing to get creative , even build something if I have to for cheap. If not then I will just resort to buying a sled deck.

No way all that fits unless the quad hangs off the tailgate.

The only way I could see that even being a possibility is if you have two wheels of the quad hanging out of the side of the bed so that only like 3/5 of the quad is in the bed. Then just maybe you could fit two bikes in the other 1/3 of the bed side that you have left if you put one in backwards and one forwards.

Why not just get a trailer or a hitch receiver bike carrier?

I was thinking put the quad straight in the centre then the dirtbikes on the side with the back wheels up on the edge of the bed.

I don't want to get a carrier because my plan is to get a boler trailer to pull behind as well.

I would be willing to bet you can get them all in as long as you don't mind them rubbing on each other.

wont work.

6x12 landscaper trailers are cheap, durable, easy to load.........get/borrow/steal one.


no way would I do what you suggest in a truck bed.

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Two bikes, no prob.

1 quad should fit as well.

Trying to cram in all 3 at the same time will be a disaster. 


A deck will probably work, but just be aware that's a steep climb up there.  Makes me real nervous loading a sled, even with an 8ft ramp and beavertail deck. 

Other consideration with a deck is the vehicle you're putting it on - usually need a 3/4-ton or more to handle the weight of gear+deck+machines on the rear axle.  A half-ton with airbags can be made to work; just watch GVWR/GAWR.

Dana 44's on my old 1500 were rated at 3500lbs; my PW's got an AAM 10.5 (with the 11.5 shafts) rated at 9000lbs.  Pretty big difference there.


Or, my suggestion, get a trailer.  2-place open, screw down some wheel chocks, and go.  Inexpensive to purchase/register/insure.

Enclosed is nice, but more expensive and needs a bigger tow vehicle. 

Maybe a light aluminium snowmobile deck should work

It's not the weight of the deck that's the concern - that's a relatively small weight compared to the machines you put on it with the additional sq.ft that the deck offers.


Then you load up the bed under the deck with gear, equipment, fuel ... real easy to overload the rear axle and GVWR of a half-ton.

Throw mountain driving at an overloaded pickup... even if the engine/trans/driveline can handle it, brakes are another story.  I had to be real careful with my 1500 and trailer coming down the passes.


Well she fit. But I won't be loading them like this for long trips

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