Riding clubs around Houston...

I was wanting to go to Sam Houston National Forest to ride this weekend. I call the number and it says the trails are still closed because of the rain. It has been a week since it rained here, how long does it take for the trails to dry out? I would think it has had plenty of time to dry. Does anyone in Southeast Texas know of any riding clubs that have private land that you can pay a yearly membership fee and not have to worry about trail closings?

Back in the mid '80s, we were members of a place called Motorcyle World that had thousands of acres of land that was leased for riding. I would like to find something like that again.


Trail Riders of Houston is a great club. they put on alot of events including a ISDE Qualifer in June. Check the Texas offroad network website.

Plus there is a District 20 Hare Scramble race this weekend at Outlaw trax.

Come and hangout and race or ride

Contact me if you want to meet.

Have you heard of Skull Creek? It is a membership only harescramble track. I have heard it is much better than the National Forest and is prepped.

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