Torque specs '02 ?

I'm waiting for my manual from my dealer for my '02, should be here tomorrow. Are the torque specs for the 02 top nut on the triple clamps and the top bolts for the fork the same as they were in '99 ? The manual for my '99 shows 105ft lb for the top nut on 17ft lb for the top fork bolts .


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C'mon you guys with '02... can't you check the manual real quick and just verify if the torque setting are the same as '99?

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01 426... and all Yamadawgs since `96 that we have owned... 105 steering stem nut, 17 top clamps and 14 lower clamps

Thanks Fireball. I just picked up the manual this afternoon. I thought it would be the same, but I just wanted to double check

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