I wish I could do this!

I had an idea to do something like this many years (~4-5 years)ago during a summer break in college so I got to searching and I came across this web site! www.transamtrail.com Due to me just being a daydreamer and not having a capible bike at the time I couldn't do it and still don't have time now but I have saved the web site and check back occasionaly just to make sure its still possible.

Back when I first found it they said dual sport bikes weren't needed but if you had one it'd expand your possibilities for motels and Gas. Now I just noticed that its for you dual-sport riders and sounds like it incorporates more dirt roads than it used to. So I guess I better get on it soon if I want to get it done while its still do-able before its all road. Actually I won't have enough time to dedicate to it to make it really fun but I thought that many of you might???

:thumbsup:So go and tell me how it was, and take alot of pics! :)

alright...I'm just daydreaming again, Ya'll be good


Hmm... I guess ya'll out west must have plenty of these sorts of rides or what you ride is good enough that you are completely satisfied...I thought I’d get a larger response from this. For me when I found it I thought it was the best idea b/c it’d be every sort of terrain…and just an adventure! I admit the trails I have grown up on were getting pretty old for me and I was looking for every other possibility but now that I have been away for almost 2 years I look forward to my old reliable trails…even those kicked my butt the one time I rode over Christmas break b/c I was so out of shape! “Country roads, take me home!”

Well…Ya’ll be good.


I was too busy drooling over the link to respond. That's awesome! I want to do it! :) Let's see, 25yrs until retirement.... If I can still ride when I am 60, I'm doing it! Watch, by then, it will all be paved!

Wow! They're everywhere! That's comforting...atleast I know that if the on in my own backyard isn't available when I have time then there is a good chance that I can find others!

Just may cost a litte more! :)

That would be fun. I wish I had the time and money to do it.

Wow, I read up on that bajabound one and they were charging 2K+ for those trips?? That is a serious rip off. I live here in San Diego and I go to Mex probably 20+ times a year. All that trip would cost you is about $500.00 max. It is so cheap in Mexico to eat and sleep. The only thing you would have to worry about is finding a heavy chain to lock your bike to a tree or something while you sleep. 3 meals a day would be about 8-10 (mexican style, tacos, tortas etc..) 20-40 (lobsters, steaks etc..etc..). Hotels about 20 a night (Mexican Style). Camping would be about $5.00-$7.00 a night in a safe place. Real nice accomadations would be 50-80 a night. Rockstaring it would be $150-200 a night. Gas is about the same price as So-Cal. $2-2.50 a gallon.

Plus there is ENDLESS places to ride in Baja. I would feel cheated by having a guide showing you the main sites (La buffadora (blow-holes), Puerto Nuevo (lobster) Guerro Negro. You would be missing opportunities to go to Natividad, Isle Cedros and Bahia Tortugas which you have to ride down a 100 mile dirt road just to get to! People are super friendly once you get past Ensenada (1 1/2 hours south of the border) because they don't have to deal with all the drunken underage kids and marines like the mexicans have to in the border towns.

I would definately suggest going in a group w/o a set schedule. There is endless things to see in Baja and 1,000's upon 1,000's of miles of trails to ride!

Hey, my dad's 62 (xr650l) and has no problem going on several day adventure rides with me (39, xr650r) and my brother (41, ktm 450 exc).

We're trying to work a leg or two of the east/west ride into the schedule before he's too old to ride.


Hey XR650Man -

You shouldn't bash BajaBound :thumbsup: until you've spent the time to get to know their operation. They've got a great reputation and a huge fan base here on thumpertalk. Keep in mind that a tour company lives on it's reputation, and Tim Morton (the owner) busts his ass making certain that those who spend the money to travel on one of his tours walks away feeling they got the deal of a lifetime.

You should also note that his tours start at far less than 2k.

Now let the flames begin!!! :devil::awww::lol:

~ Ken

Bash? He wasn't bashing persay. He just thinks that it may not be worth it to be "catered" to for those kinds of $$ figures.

I too think it's expensive. But I too know the trails and can do the same rides for cheap. And it wouldn't be worth it to ME to do the ride...

Some people don't have that luxury. Some people don't have a bike, nor have ever been in Mex to know the trails. So if you put a price on an adventure with all the trimmings, somewhere far away from normal US accomodations and luxuries... no matter what Mex costs, I think it's worth the money for a 'newbie' especially since Tim and crew provide the bikes, food, chase van/trailer, gas stops...etc..etc. In fact, it's well worth the price he puts on the adventure. No, I have not been on a BajaBound adventure... but I have been able to meet Tim and his dad and they even trailered a buddies bike (with a demolished front hub and wheel) back to our trucks for us. He's an awesome person. A stand up guy that's for sure! He and his dad. For this reason, I don't put all the GPS spots on my websites. I don't hand out trip planners or maps with routes and waypoints. I keep it to myself and my friends. Allowing Tim and other baja adventure companies to prosper. We don't want 'newbies' on the trail that don't know our "trail" laws. On the other hand, I wish my pops would do something like this with me.... but he doesn't like Mex. :devil:

Oh well. Tim, keep up the great rides, and oppurtunities for the up and coming Mexico travelers. :thumbsup:

Your right on Johhny. I was reffering to people who live in So Cal or Az and for people who definately have their own bike. Those trips would be awesome for someone from the East Coast or MidWest who have never had the opportunity to experience Baja. I'm just speaking from years of trips and about 10 Baja 250,500,1000 races. Baja is dirt cheap and what makes it so special is when you get past Ensenada and you start interacting with the locals. Such cool, mellow people. I went on a 10 day trip to Bahia Tortugas and the first night I was there (with 2 buddies) we got a hotel room and went to eat at a restaurant. The following 8 days the locals put us up in their houses. Took us fishing. Took us to Natividad on their pongas and Isle Cedros. And they didn't ask for a penny. We bought a few cases of beer for the nights and all the fish we caught we gave to the family. We gave them some small portable radios because they don't have those type of luxuries. They even went diving for Abalone and then polished the shells for us and enscribed our names in them. Way cool people. My point was that there is so much to experience in Baja. It's not only the trails that make it so special.

:devil: to Me hee co!

And I agree... there's so much to see, as well as live. Too bad I'm usually WFO to 'see' it. :thumbsup: I need to take more excursions down there to see the sites.

However, I will be camping at Estero Beach on August6th (with a bunch of friends)... and riding on the 7th from Estero to San Quentin via the 500 course!

(see my reply to your Ocotillo post)

Johhny, curious. How old are you? Also WFO?? Way Far Out? no comprende.

I'll be down in Baja on Aug 6th through the 9th. So doubt I could make it the following weekend. The little lady would castrate me if I did back to back riding weekends. lol

WFO = Wide F'ing Open

Age = 36 (acting as if I'm 22, and dating a 25yr old)

I'll be in Estero the 6th. In Baja. So back to back weekends?? I think you are mistaken on my dates. We'll be in baja the same time.

The www.transamtrail.com and the www.mex2can.com both look awesome! I've had them both bookmarked for a few years.

Maybe someday we'll get the chance! If we all had lives like IronDude then we would have already done it!

About my business being a "rip off"...

Mr. "xr650Man" and I had a PM talk about his comments and thoughts.

Unfortunately Baja isn't as inexpensive as he thinks, at least the way Moto Tour companies do it.

And there is a lot more to operating tours for a living than some might think.

We are competitively priced. When new companies start up they low-ball then quickly raise prices once they figure out it isn't profitable.

Fact is, we consistently have people tell us after the ride they feel it was an excellent deal and they would've paid more for the trip. And yes, we get TONS of riders from So.Cal. too.

There are 5 companies offering bikes, 2 offering atv's, and 1 offering full-race buggies. We're all relatively busy.

Looks to me like we all must be doing something right.


Ooops, my bad on the dates. :thumbsup:. I'm taking my bike down with me that weekend but it's for a big three person birthday bash so I wouldn't be able to take off for a whole day of riding. Bummer. We'll hit it soon though. Wish I could do the Sunday trip you told me about but need to get my wheels in to get re-set because the tubes are spinning in the tires so they are getting pinched. Hopefully I won't get a flat on Saturday at Carlsbad. See you there.

Tim and I had a chat on this and he and I shared thoughts. I wasn't figuring in cost of bikes, matienence, paying employees. etc..etc.. so overall the prices they charge are good. I should have worded that post differently. Either way you decide to go Baja is a blast so it's definately worth checking out.

Bash? He wasn't bashing persay. He just thinks that it may not be worth it to be "catered" to for those kinds of $$ figures.

Perhaps I misunderstood the message to which he was responding. To me, the word "ripoff" implies fraud...?


No not fraud. Just was thinking from a personal standpoint on what a trip would cost. I wasn't calculating in a lot of factors. Overall the packages are a good deal even for So-Cal riders but really good for anyone international, or midwest, east coast etc..etc.. FYI

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