I wish I could do this!

The www.transamtrail.com and the www.mex2can.com both look awesome! I've had them both bookmarked for a few years.

Maybe someday we'll get the chance! If we all had lives like IronDude then we would have already done it!

About my business being a "rip off"...

Mr. "xr650Man" and I had a PM talk about his comments and thoughts.

Unfortunately Baja isn't as inexpensive as he thinks, at least the way Moto Tour companies do it.

And there is a lot more to operating tours for a living than some might think.

We are competitively priced. When new companies start up they low-ball then quickly raise prices once they figure out it isn't profitable.

Fact is, we consistently have people tell us after the ride they feel it was an excellent deal and they would've paid more for the trip. And yes, we get TONS of riders from So.Cal. too.

There are 5 companies offering bikes, 2 offering atv's, and 1 offering full-race buggies. We're all relatively busy.

Looks to me like we all must be doing something right.


Wow, the mex2can ride looks great. How about turning it around and going can2mex??

As I wrote about in another thread, myself and 9 buddies did a ride this spring with Bajabound. As is normal human nature, I think we all wondered what we were going to get for our money. What we got was an unbelievable trip through Northern Baja!!(Thanks again Tim, Irondude, and the rest of the staff). By the third or fourth day of our 7 day ride, we all had come to the conclusion that we were definately getting our money's worth. It's got to be worth something to be able to ride into a town, get off your bike, and not worry about it again until the next morning. We gave the chase drivers a cooler and some cash, and we always arrived to nice cold Pacifico's!! :thumbsup::devil:

I've just scheduled my fourth ride with Tim for Jan 05 and am looking forward to many more. These rides are a rare and special event for me (and 90% of the guys I ride with) and I want to maximize fun/challenging riding and minimize hassle and risk. That is what I pay Bajabound for and in my view it is money very well spent. Baja is not a good place to have things go sour and you really need some knowledge of the area and/or vehicle support if trouble hits.

How about all the really cool single track that you can tell not everyone gets to ride!! :thumbsup:

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