Race Gas

Yep me too I'm one of those "closet I use AVgas too" users. Yea I've heard all the horror stories, and never had a problem or fouled a plug. I mix mine at 1.5 gal to 3.5 gal pump.

btw I use the 110 octane, did you test or ever try that?

My 97CR250 pinged bad when it was stock, mixing AVgas cured that problem for what it's worth.

Fuels such as 'Race Gas' or 'Avgas" etc, are only of any benefit if the bike is jetted properly, and the ignion is optimally timed to take advantage of the octane rating...

There may be some instances of modifications making a higher octane fuel desirable, but fresh, high octane unleaded pump fuel, from a place that has a good turnover, is your cheapest and best bet.

You will realise a little more power (2 HP maybe) at the top end of the spectrum using race gas in a properly jetted bike, but who rides at 8,000 rpm and above all the time... below 8,00 or so, you will not notice that much difference ... you will get as much from an Iridium spark plug down low...

I have stated before that you are better off spending the race gas money instead on gym membership, suspension work, riding school or losing weight (if you are carrying a few extra pounds :) ) - those things will make you a faster and more consistent rider...

For those of you using it now, you may 'feel' some difference... but unless you have taken the time to set your bike up properly, you are just buring your money... the WR/YZ is a forgiving beast most of the time...

The most expensive is not always the best... unless you are prepared to re-jig your tuning to accomodate it... or riding speedway or doing sand drags...



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