Spark Arrestors for the YZ

Hi Folks,

New TT member here. I recently purchased a '98 YZ400 after a 7 year bikeless hiatus. Does anyone have some leads on spark arrestors that can be riveted in place of the old end cap on the stock silencer? There's a business in Kent, WA. that is developing one but will not be available for another month or so. I would like to take the bike out on a shakedown cruise at the local ORV park.

I have been reading the TT posts for the past few months and it helped me narrow down what to purchase, thanks to all for your posts. Some bikes I've owned in the past were: XR500, XR200,YZ250, CR125, and RM400. Four strokes are my favorite.

I'll try to keep the greasy side down! :)

Thanks Dan_YZF,

That looks like it will do the job. I'll give them a call.


It is nice to know that there are some options out there. I had a hard time believing that no outfits made spark arrestors for the the stock silencer, especially after the bike has been in production for over 4 years. :)

I just installed the PMB spark arrestor and was very pleased with the quality and ease of installation, well worth the money if you want to keep the stock pipe.

I just ordered the PMB SA today, should be here Monday. It sounds like it's going to be a downpour this weekend anyway. I'm itching to go for a ride!

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