FMF Powercore 4 SA question???

Hello, I just bought a 00 426 that came with the FMF Powercore IV Spark Arrestor muffler. I am wondering if I can remove the spark arrestor screen and if this will change performance and make the bike louder since I only plan to ride on MX tracks??? Is the only difference between the Powercore IV SA and the regular Powercore IV the screen? I will have to re-rivet the muffler. Thanks...

You probably wont se a noticable difference in the loudness of the bike by removing the screen.

As for the differences in the pipes the only thing I remember is the SA is a bit longer than the non-SA.

Hey DMX, is that the quiet FMF? If it is, I have a stock muffler and a WB E-series. I'd give you the choice of either one in trade for a quiet FMF! I love the WB, but it is loud. It makes good power though. The stock pipe seems to mellow things out a bit in the power and sound category. The WB is tuneable and if you like, you can run it wide open w\o disks.

Glen T.

Sorry but it is not the Quiet muffler but just the Powercore IV SA model. I just got the bike so I want to make as much noise as I can. Hehe...

Well, I thought it was worth a shot. Oh well, have a good time blowing others ear-drums as you roost by!!! :)

I also put the PowerCore IV SA on my 00 426. I needed the spark arrestor for riding off-road, and it made the bike louder too :) ! I think the threads for the end cap bolts are in the screen, so I don't think you'll be able to remove it. The screen doesn't affect the sound level, and it shouldn't make a difference on the mx track. SA's aren't required on mx tracks but having one shouldn't hurt you at all.

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