I think I see a crack

Well it's not leaking gas yet, but I think I see a crack forming. Under the seat on the part of the tank where the little rubber strap goes. If I look in there but down almost under the tank, near the corner of that notch in the tank I can see a very clear white crack forming. Is this how it started for you guys who have had cracked tanks? Maybe I should call Yamaha now before it starts to leak...

Good luck getting Yamaha to do squat. When it starts to leak let me know and I'll give you a last resort fix but most likley you will end up buying another tank.

Yep, that's the exact place where my buddie's YZF tank cracked. There were cracks on both sides of the tank where the rubber strap attaches. It leaked like a sieve. We tried to do a field repair with some 2-part epoxy but it didn't work. He had to buy a new tank.

Fox426, what's your last resort fix? I bought some 3M 847 adhesive that's supposed to be oil/gas resistant, but we haven't tried to use it yet. We've thought about using a soldering iron to melt the thing back together.

Don't know about 426s but my neighbors kid cracked the tank on his YZ80 and his dad used a soldering gun to melt the plastic around the crack then used some hot glue over the top of it. Sounds messed up, but the kid has been using it for a good 2 months now and it's not leaking yet.

I saw some plastic gas tank sealant stuff at Checkers Auto Parts. Can't remember the brand but you should be able to find it at the parts store.

With the I think I see a crack Remark

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We tried the soldering iron trick on my friend's tank. It didn't work, but we didn't use any hot glue... We used gum and duct tape for a field fix. Then, we swapped tanks. At the time my bike was insured, so if it caught fire, I'd get it replaced. When that gum began to break-up it made a mess!!!! :):D:D

the guy I bought my bike from knew about the problem and didnt run the rubber strap in the back. No problems, no worries. Just take the strap off, before it cracks all the way. Might want to try the heat gun thing on the white area to see if it will relax back to normal state. But just loose the strap.

Originally posted by FOX426:

I have repaired one by using a propane torch and using a zip tie like soder. Heat up the area very carefully and slowly, as the tank starts to sofen up and get gooey hold the ziptie to it and melt it into the crease.

Just make sure there is no gas in the tank!


LOL yeah I dont think you would want gas vapors in the tank!

You could also use EgoAHole's method, by using a flame thrower to melt the zip ty! :)

I have repaired one by using a propane torch and using a zip tie like soder. Heat up the area very carefully and slowly, as the tank starts to sofen up and get gooey hold the ziptie to it and melt it into the crease. This worked for me and was still holding up until I just went ahead and replaced it. Mine cracked at the upper shroud bolt so it was visible. :)

LOL!! Glen, you are serious about the gum, huh?

I'm not poking fun, I would have tried anything also, just the thought of gum is hilarious.

Now we aregoing somewhere with this,

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Nothing like em. :)

If it was me, I would concider bringing it to a plastic welder, as mentioned. Anyway this can end up in the back yard mechanics story, I will wait to see thepost,

I was using a butain tourch when whammo thats why I only have one side of my hair left :D

I don't have any cures to your crack problem, but that is one cool picture on your profile page! :)

Although I've not tried it, it seems to me the way to repair a small crack would be to use a P-Tex candle. P-Tex is designed to repair the base of snow skis and hardens to an extremely durable yet somewhat flexible compound. Just light the candle on fire and drip along the crack in the tank. Should be available in any ski/snowboard shop.

Again, I have not tried, but it seems like it would be a decent fix.

Let me know if you get no favorable response from Yamaha. I have a buddy that is a dist mgr and another buddy that was successful in getting Yamaha to replace his tank.


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