Woohoo, i just bought a new IRC tire with like 1 inch treads on it (very aggressive :)) tommorrow i will get to work mounting it, then i will be riding asap with this excellent new tire. My old tire was getting too worn down for what i wanted to do, it has about 1/4" of tread left on it, i do big hill climbs and races and such where the highest amount of traction is needed. -Matt :D

My Tire:



I got a new IRC last week, have not used it yet....Is your the Motocross M5B?? thats the one I got.... :D

did you get the 140? thats the size I have....Don't they look sick!!! :)


Yeah i got the M5B size 140 :), i also have the same year bike as you. Once i get a chance to use it i will write a review for all you people out there who are jealous of Bernie and I :D. -Matt

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