grabby brake lever fix

I hope this helps someone else. My front brake LEVER was grabby. i.e. if I tried too pull it in slowly, it would bind and then suddenly go in a bunch and then bind again, etc... Well I finally figured out what it was. The piston in the master cylinder does not like to be pushed in at the angle that the brake lever pushes it in at. If I pushed it in and towards the bike with my thumb then it binds like crazy. Oddly enough if I push it in and away from the bike it's as smooth as can be. Spinning the piston made no difference so the problem must be in the cylinder somewhere. Anyway, I removed the dust cover on the piston and used a q-tip with some grease to coat the piston lightly with grease. Install and pull the lever a few times and then do it again. Then clean up the extra and put it back together. The problem is about 95% gone! I wish I had cought this sooner and I would have asked Yamaha for a new master cylinder. Oh well, I hope this helps someone else! :)

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