Yamaha WR450F vs Suzuki DRZ400E

Get the WR450, not the DRZ and especially not the WR250. Not that the DRZ is a bad bike, its great, reliable and stout. And the WR250 is great, lots of snort too. What I find with a smaller displacemnt bike, it the more you ride it, the less power it feels like it has. Actually, you just get used to it, then you decides you need to move up. I'll save you some money, move to the top right out of the gate! :):D

The seats on the '04's are more forgiving than those of the past few years. The seat is rounded on the corners and the cover is one piece. My buddy has an '01 520EXC that thing is terrible.The corners kill you as thats where the sections of the cover are sewn it's three pieces and hard as bricks!


Z06 have you had a chance to ride the WR yet? Sounds like everyone agrees that's probably the better bike for your situation. Which one matches the vette?

first off i would like to say i own and love both bikes. for different reasons. drz400E is a done up recreational bike. the wr is a race bike.

"What are the BIG differences between the two bikes?"

1 suspension

2 power

3 grunt

4 "rev out" {top top end}

Yamaha winns in all 4.

Suzuki seems to have a bit better charging system and bigger starter.

"Does the Suzuki feel much heavier than the Yamaha?"

YES in weight and in geometry. but riding the wr, if you not ready for it can be tiring in its self. but only in very tight single track.

"Which bike is better for cornering, hill climbing, jumping, etc..."

sock {or close to} there is no comparison WR hammers in all 3

"How big is the Power difference? Small, Huge, etc..."


"How would you Honestly compare the 2 bikes?"

you cant

for $1000more GET THE WR. there is no way you could build a stock drz into something like a WR for $1000. $3000 might do it.

If I could do it again, I'd most likely go with the WR simply because

of the suspension. My DRZ440 is at the very least, equal in power to

the WR and it actually pulled away from an un-corked WR450 yesterday

in a drag race.

It IS heavier but not by much. The suspension is where the WR really

shines. I'd have to spend over a grand to get my DRZ suspended as

good as a stock WR.

But, poverty speaks, so I'm content in the fact that I have something

fast to ride and that I can ride at all! :)

My DRZ440 is at the very least, equal in power to

the WR and it actually pulled away from an un-corked WR450 yesterday in a drag race.

You forgot to mention that a WR450 rider (me) was behind the bars of the DRZ440 when it pulled away from that WR450... :):D

All kidding aside, I rode the DRZ440 and power-wise, it was right there with my WR450. The handling was very twitchy in the sand and I'm not sure if a stabilizer would help that or not. Great power. Great bike. Give me my WR450 back, please. :D

Ok, you guys convinced me. I'm going BLUE. :D

Don't tell my friends yet, they would never believe it. :D

I've decided the WR450F is the only way to go.

I'll uncorked that [@#$%&*!] the day I get her. :D

Has to be a "2004" WR450F.

Now I need to find a DEALER. I would like to find one at a decent price, some of these dealers suck. :)

In live in Michigan, so any dealer in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Toronto Canada would be fine.

Any help would be appreciated.


PRE congratulations.

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