this looks interesting

hey not tried em,, a friend just ordered one which ive seen.

just thought id post this and let u have a look

Ordered what ? it looks like for dealers only :)

The JIB looks good :D

[ April 12, 2002: Message edited by: EgoAhole ]

he ordered it through a dealer here i just got the web site off the letter that came with the sprocket

ahhhhhh no worries

Sometimes, I am real slow, most of the time I am faster then I think :)

Man what time is it in the UK you should be about 8 + hours ahead ?

its hmmmmm 4;50pm

thats pretty trick, defintely something that a big thumper could use. Question: What's it cost?

It might make sense if its 80 bucks, but if its 125 like a sidewinder, what the hell is the difference?

i think he paid about £30 for it,,, a renthal or a talon over here is aprox £18

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