Hey SMP,

I know you ride Oregon Dunes regularly. My wife and I have made that location our favorite vacation spot. I was wondering how have you been getting past the 93db sound limit? Have they been testing many bikes? Last year we were camped near Florence with no problems, but this year we are at the South end of the dunes (can't remember the name of the town... Port-something?).




Do you have stock exhaust? If so, I would not worry about it. The "cops on quads" are not out there to harass people, just the obvious offenders.

I have never been sound tested, but have been in a group that has been stopped on the beach road, my brothers 400EX with FMF tuneable exhaust failed at 102db. I have not seen any Thumper dirtbike being tested, but then again I have not seen many people being tested at all. I do not go to the dunes on any of the big weekends. I prefer my jump landings to be only sand, not rental quad rider and sand

Since October, they are requiring flags on the dirtbikes too. I found a flag mount that replaced the chain adjuster block on one side with a billet block with built in flag mount, I do not even know it is there.

If you have an RV, have you tried staying at Woahink Lake RV resort? It is a very nice campground, that keeps the pallet burning element out, unless you are in the mood for that. :)

See ya out there, look for "SMP" on my number might have to look up. :D


Woahink Lake RV Resort 1-800-659-6454.

They have a private access to the dunes, full hookups....but a limited number of spots they allow for bikes/atv's (no rails, the trail is too small).

On the flag subject, last ride my girlfriends flag got caught up in her paddle and wrapped itself around the axle, the wind was up, I think the flag got blown to the other side of the fender. I ended up making a strap out of saftey wire so the flag could not go past the end of the fender...seems to work good. We run the metal flags, they last forever, if they don't wrap around the wheel!!!!

Let me know when you are going, I'll try and make it down.


I just bought one of those chain block flag holders...My question is does the flag get in the way at all over jumps. I would hate to be doing a 70 footer and get screwed up by a flag Also I have heard that the cops are cracking down on bikes alot harder this year for sound. I run stock exhaust but I think that is even over the limit by 4 or 5 decibels. I guess I will just have to find out the hard way.

If anybody wants to ever hook up I run at Winchester bay and will be at Coos bay Memorial weekend.


SMP Good idea on the strap. I know exactly what you mean.

Joe, I've never had the flag bother me while I'm riding and I like the jumps too. What else is there? It spends too much time bent back horrizontal with speed that its only there to be legal! :):D:D:D Really, it's never been a problem.

I got a flag tip for ya. Here in Michigan at Silver lake Dunes we have to have a flag. I use the white fiberglass flag poles. I have a metal angle bracket that slip's over the axle and tightens with the axle nut ( really tighten that sucker down). The only problem I have had with flags is melting them on the exhaust. DONT mount them on the exhaust side of the bike. The fiberglass melts from the pole rubbing on the silencer. Makes a hell of a mess on your silencer.


I have not had any problems with my flag bothering me while jumping, by the time I am in 4th gear pinned, the flag is even with the ground anyways!!


I quit running the fiberglass flags because I crash to much and they just snap off and require a trip back to the truck, 20 minutes to remount and tweezers to remove all the slivers from your hands. I run the steel whip type, never even had to straighten it......yet.

I heard last year when we were there that flags would be required. I've ridden at Pismo for years and developed a holder similar to what you are describing. Hardly know it's there!!! :)

I do have my stock pipe. I used it last year too. Thanks for the info. I'll look-up woahink. Seems like we were near there last year. We'll be there in late July. I'll look you up (OR LOOK UP FOR YOU!!!) when the time gets closer and see if you are planning a trip out there then.



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