Dubach's Bike test in MXA

Anyone see this article? How about that Streetbike coil on the sparkplug wire replacing the stock coil... & 239lbs total weight....I noticed he removed the wires under the shifter also...to trick

is it on the streets yet ?

the web is stillposting April

Yes it's on the street.

Got mine in the mail yesterday. That coil thing is bitchen. Id love to get the stock coil away from where it is. Id also like to get the brake resivior somewhere else too. My boot gets hung on the gaurd for the resi. way too often, and ususally in very bad situtations.

Shawn, I also would like to rid myself of the stock coil....it is in the way.....did Doug relocate the brake res?

You guys need to get KCHusky to participate in this thread..he has done the coil relocation already using some trick parts..no more moving the coil to rotate the carb..I'm sure he will see this and jump in tonight..very interesting and it really cleans up the right side of the bike!

MXA says that Doug uses a Hayabusa Suzuki coil.....Has anyone else tried to do this or similar?

Ga426owner, I did this mod a few months ago to my 426. I used a 99 continentl V6 coil on plug set up. I used the stock plug boot. By taking the top part of the boot off, the new coil pack was able to slide right in with a very good fit. Since this mod I have ran a Missouri and Kansas hare scramble, and have also put in about 80 miles of riding at Chadwick, Mo., plus other little rides. And to this point I have had no trouble with this set up at all. Here are some pic's of my set up use the link below.


Kchusky :)

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MXA says that Doug uses a Hayabusa Suzuki coil

No, they said it's used on bikes like the Hayabusa. I'm sure Doug raided the Yamaha parts bin to find one the right length to fit the YZF head. It looks just like the coil on my g/f's R6, even the wire colors are the same. I'll pull one off of the R6 and check the fit on the YZF this weekend.

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what month is this article in?

May 2002- usually the subscribers get the issues before they hit the newstands...

KC Husky, thanks for the pics......looks very interesting.

MotoGreg did it fit?

I woul d give Yosh a call or email to see if the have an after market of ?

(Yosh = Yoshimura)

I emailed Mr. Dubach and his wife replied that he does indeed use a Suzuki Hayabusa coil.

The R6 coil was about 1/2" too long and I also couldn't get it more than halfway into the hole because the frame was in the way... the 'Busa coil must be thinner to clear the frame.

I was thinking MXA was trying to throw people off by mentioning the 'Busa because first they said it was a secret where he got it and then they said it came on bikes like the 'Busa. :)

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Ok, I too just picked up the magazine tonight at the store and noticed the coil thing on Doug's bike.

I would just like to know what's the deal with relocating the coil? Aside from making a little more room to work with the carb etc... what is the gain or advantage to using this set up?

It looks like from the pictures I have seen including KC Huskey's that the coil is attached to a spark plug cap?? I am wondering what the strength of this setup is , and how it holds up to the prolonged shock of jumping the bike or worse crashing hard?

So far no problems, Yes, the coil pack is a coil and plug wire all in one. I have had a couple of hard hits to trees and the ground and it has not affected it's operation yet. The coil pack is tight enough that I only used a little camper shell foam tape to keep it in place. :)

Kc Husky,

Sounds good. Is there any performance changes with this setup? I would also assume that your setup ( from a 99 V-6 continental motor) is cheaper $$ than one from a motorcycle (Hyabusa). What is your take on the price thing?

Would it also matter what the voltage capability is for the spark, when looking at different coils? I would like to do this mod, just to get the stock coil out of the way. I am sure the Busa coil is lighter than the stocker & I wonder if there is any performance gains???Anyone know how much a Busa coil cost???


The Quote from MXA was it was a secret

meaning DrD still works for Yamaha as a rep, he is on the payroll, making moolla from yami, on the take, contracted employeeeeeeee.

So this meant that it was a secret (Not So) but indirect as to where to start looking HINT HINT HINT

Helloooooooo Light Dawn on Marble Head yet

Take a guess

Take a wild guess.

Maybe its a susuki coil from a Caboose

Maybe they did not mention that becouse DrD is making moola from Yami, On the Take, Contracted Employee.

Some Peoples Kids :)


Yes it would matter, I would match the volatge, impedance and so on, I would bet that if you call SumSUKI and get the low down on the coil it would match the 426 req

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