Aftermarket Rear Brake Lever.

Looking for an aftermarket rear brake lever that I can modify. Anyone know of one? (preferably in Oz)

This is my problem... i lowered the brake lever as low as it will go as I want to lower the pegs (6'4" here). I did this at the same time as a rear pad change. The pedal feel was terrible.. very hard pedal with no feeling, then all of a sudden it locked up. I wrongly blamed the SBS sintered pads. Further investigation showed that by lowering the lever all the way it took the pivot point 'over centre'. So I need another brake lever I can modify for the correct height and geometry. I guess I can make a billet one, but t'd be easier to modify one to suit.I don't really want to modify the stock unit, I'd like to keep it for when I sell the bike.


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