What did Roczen do wrong?

Ok. So I don't know much about jumping but the basics. At this level of jumping, I'm pretty much clueless.


But I keep watching the video between the two segments of 0:35-0:43 and 0:46-0:57. It is interesting to also see Seely in front of Roczen. Seely takes a different rhythm though that section and a different line but triples the last part; just clears it by landing on the very top. The second segment noted shows Roczen coming out of the corner. Seely is already on his line. Roczen goes a bit left in what I assume is not wanting to be on the same line as the guy ahead. Then when he takes that jump seems to be coming back a bit right, again a guess as to not go off the left side of the track since he was fading left going into it. To me it looks like that contributed to his front wheel not getting the same loft as the back end causing the bike to go endo.


I'm wondering if he didn't eject that he could have rode it out like Seely took the last.

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