What kind of grips do you guys like to run. I ripped mine last weekend and need to get a new set. There are to many darn kinds out there and I didn't really like the ones I had.

Renthal Soft compound half waffles

Renthal grips are my favorive. They wear a little fast but the feel is worth it. My stepfather uses Scotts. They have a pretty good feel dont tear, rip, or wear out very easily. Also, they dont burn up your hands if you use thin/soft gloves or you forget your gloves.

I run the Renthal Mediums w/out waffles, my latest set have lasted a surprisingly long time.

My Best Grip is regarding people who stop on a down hill

Man dont they realize I am out of Control :)

Ohhhh Grips Sooo Sorry

Juyst replaced my old worn out Scotts for some pro tapers.

So far they feel real good in the garage sitting on the bike going braaaaappppaaaa braappppppaaaa :D

Ive been using the Scott half waffle with good results.

I love the Renthal 1/2 waffle medium compound. great for smaller hands.

Renthal, soft, half-waffles, great wear, comfortable and as said, good for smaller hands.


FMF 909's with the diamond-shaped area in the palm are what I run- I love em!

Guys, I'd keep checking up on the new ODI Lock-on grips. I'm not sure when they're going to be available but they are the best thing to come along in grips in a long time. if any of you are Mt. Bikers and use the ODI lock on's you know how cool and convinient these are. There was also a test on the prototypes in dirt rider I think. Basically they use a plastick tube with the grip (I saw a half waffle) bonded to it. The grip uses two collars that clamp onto the bars. The coolest thing is that you get a new throttle tube by default......and they are supposed to cost something like 12 or 13 bucks :)

I am still on the same grips that came on my bike.

Domino grips. They are simillar to the renthal half waffle everyone said they use. Ther compound is a little tougher though. MSR racing has a set of half waffles exactly the same, except for the MSRracing logo in the diamond pattern. They are made by Domino.

Pro-Tapers full waffle

I use pro grip super bike. I only recommend them if you have totally enclosed handguards. They are very soft almost gel like, they are very comfortable which = less hand fatigue :) I have about 500 hard miles and they still look like new. Just make sure to use safety wire in the groves to eliminate slippage in the rain :D Doug

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