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Suzuki FCR41 on stock bore LTZ400? Or should I use the 39 off my big bore DRZ?

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I have a DRZ400E that got a fresh bottom end rebuild and 440 kit at the end of last season.  Single base gasket, stock valves, hot cam intake cam, E exhaust cam.  UNI filter and full yosh exhaust. I bought, jetted and installed an FCR 39 carb from a YZF450 and it is runs really good.


I also have an LTZ400 with a 100% stock engine that is in excellent shape.  No plans to go BB. Airbox lid removed, 400ex intake tube, UNI filter, stock header and slip on.  I have a hot cam exhaust cam that may go in it.  (didn't use it on the DRZ after finding the E cam is more aggressive than new hot cam)


I just picked up a used Sudco slant FCR41 for a price I couldn't refuse.  I thoroughly cleaned it and made sure everything is working properly.  Man it is a royal PITA to unclog the AP nozzle!!!! 



Most of the info I find on here is from people running big bore engine and / or strokers.

-FCR39 new (but not MX) jetting stock bore or BB: 165-170 main, 45 pilot

-slant FCR41 jetting on BB: 175-180 main, 45 pilot, 1 turn air screw (=100), 200 main air, eddie mod


Can I run the 41 on the stock bore? or would it be a better idea to swap the carbs and use the slant 41 on the big bore?  Or should I just put the slant 41 up for sale and find a 39?



If anyone IS running a 41 on a stock bore, what jetting specs are you running?



It looks so pretty sitting inside the LTZ..... haha


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Mod feel free to delete this, posting in carb specific forum so hopefully someone sees it

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